Large Clay Model

YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE SHRI NAND LAL JI, incarnated in 1874 in Nowshera, Gujranwale, part of pre-partition India. HE was the Hindu Yogi saint and master yogi of the 19th and 20th century. He was known far and wide as an advocate of peace and harmony for the masses and he believed in equality of all religion.

The Saint was born in Hindu Brahmin family. His father, Pandit Govardhan Das Ji was known for his benignity in the village. Having exceled in the secondary school, the Saint was recruited in British Indian Army at the age of seventeen. He had been the meticulous soldier of erstwhile Punjab Regiment and won many accolades for his valour and distinguished services. However, in the year 1920, the Saint chose to relinquish all the awards and went on to recluse at a small village, Dhal Dhola in district Gujrat.

The Holy Saint lived an altruistic life. He cared deeply about the welfare of humanity and encouraged his followers to have unselfish regard for the well-being of others and to indulge in charitable acts purely motivated with the sole purpose of helping others.

The Saint lived a simple life. He chose to abandon earthly pleasures that were material in nature. He enlightened the flames of spiritual light in the lives of those around him for the greater good of the masses. The serenity on his visage and the radiating aura around him captivated many to find peace at His Holy feet. His presence has been an anodyne to the grief of multitudes.  His blissful voice influenced and mesmerized people of all faiths.

“Thou canst hold the Sun behind thy palm!
Nor canst thou confine the perfume of royal Roses.
The day must dawn tearing the curtains of darkness. And, the torrent must flow blasting the heart of rocks.”

HE wrote many scriptures in Persian and Urdu that fortified the eternal truth, “GOD is immanent in all the beings- from a grain of Sand to the presence in the living beings”. HIS literatures spread the message of mutual love and advocate the masses to free one’s soul from all the evils – falsehood, Greed and Deceit; to embrace the eternal bliss.

“Man is blessed with happiness when he has dedicated himself with heart and soul at the Holy Lotus feet of his Spiritual Master and serves HIM with selfless devotion”

HIS incantatory words reverberated in the ears of all His followers in pursuit to feel the afflatus with the DIVINE.

The Holy Saint departed from earthly life and returned to heavenly abode in the year 1940. He handed the reigns of his Divine energy to his successor – His Holiness Kundan Lal Ji who traversed from Gujranwale to the city of Hathras, India. In 1961, the Holy Shrine was constructed in honor of the Holy Saint as a place where His devotees could meditate and follow Him in word and deed. Each day, the shrine of The Saint is adorned with a floral dedication – an incredibly beautiful and elaborate display of faith.  The belief and faith in the Divinity of the Holy Saint has descended from one generation to the next and will continue for generations to come. His illumined radiant soul is observed and adored by millions of His followers around the world.

Beloved Pramashwar
The Infinite ~Your Grace
May Your Divine and Holy Soul
Rest Forever in this Place.