Pramashwar - The Infinite
How can one describe
A moment self contained
Mere words cannot articulate
That which cannot be explained

Words have not the power
To express the gentle essence
Of a sacred pure and Holy feeling
In HIS loving Presence

Time keeps ticking on
Each moment never ending
The resurrection of HIS love was cast
Back in the beginning

Resting deep within the mountain
Carved from countless days now past
His sacred love has now revealed
Returned to us at last

Tales of love and inspiration
Lead us to the sacred day
Endless moments toiling
As time slowly melts away

The mountain bears her soul
to birth a stone creation
A labor of her love for Him
Divine Holy Perfection

He reigns in perfect harmony
His love a gift complete
A light forever shining
For all the world to see

Beloved Pramashwar
The Infinite - Your Grace
May your Divine and Holy spirit rest
Forever in this place.