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The brevity of life exults the fraternal love, goodness and virtue  – Altruism is the biggest Service to the DIVINE. The ambrosial faith in the Supreme connects our soul to feel afflatus with the Divine. PRAMASHWAR – The Infinite is The Saviour, The Creator, The Sustainer, The Redeemer. His effulgence  is eternal  and a source of positive energy for thousands of followers to perceive his serene presence.

In the year 2018, The grandson of the Holy Saint envisioned the colossal sculpture of the Aldeity- Yogiraj Sarkaar Godariwale Shri Nand Lal Ji in 3.3 metres in height to be ensconced in the Holy Shrine – an emblem of the Supreme soul . The Divine prowess of the Holy Saint knew no bounds; His grace in marble is christened PRAMASHWAR- The Infinite.

The Infinite is the Saint’s resplendence, which emits love for all.
The Infinite is His aura - a perennial source of ineffable peace.
The Infinite is His Benevolence, which redeems all of our woes.
The Infinite is His Grace, incarnated for the welfare of mankind.

The colossal Sculpture of the Holy Saint in Carrara Marble was carved in the beautiful Italian City, Pietrasanta. The sculptor, Nicola Stagetti started working on the Sculpture with the single photograph of the Saint taken 100 years ago in the year 2018. Soon, he realized the photograph would not be enough if he were to capture the radiating aura of the Saint. He visited India twice to delve into the life sketch of the Saint and was in awe with the holy accounts of benevolence that were bestowed upon the followers. The artist soon realized he had to feel the panegyrical grace of the Saint to infuse unequivocal compassion on the Sculpture of faith. He professed his satisfaction to have followed his heart and acquiesced his mind to guide his hands to carve the stone.
Nicola Stagetti started to work in clay and took about 6 months to replicate the compassionate face of the Saint in Clay model infused with life. There was another challenge that the artist had to scale. In the original photograph, The Saint could be seen sitting in contrapposto stance with his left leg raised over the right and the body weight is leaning more towards the dexter side of the chair. The traditional Indian garment that the Saint could be seen wearing in the photograph was the herculean task for the artist to comprehend. He had to be in constant touch with the followers to understand the garb of the Saint. With his diligence and perseverance, he could achieve the task that was apparently impossible for many. Finally, he completed the Clay model of the Saint on 17 th July, 2019 that won the plaudits of art admirers and art critics from across the world. The marble carving was yet to be done but the Holy Sculpture in clay had already been accoladed as magnum opus. A renowned poet from California, Ena Love was in Pietrasanta when the sculptor had accomplished the grace of the Saint in Clay. Her soul was intrigued by the compassionate face of the Saint and she wrote a poem solely for PRAMASHWAR-The Infinite; a reflection of her heart felt and panegyrical emotions for the Saint.

Clay Model

The Compassionate face of the Saint was replicated from the 100 years old Photograph in the Clay model by the Sculptor, Nicola Stagetti in six months.

Art connoisseurs understood the challenges behind the Holy sculpture being done posthumously and acknowledged the limitations of the robotic machines on the sculpture that had no precedent. Every marble is destined to be sculpted with the image it holds is a veritable fact and to find one such pristine marble for the Holy Sculpture had to be miraculous.

The sculptor had to be patient for around six months before he could earmark the block destined to be carved. The working on the flawless gigantic marble was seemed like an infinite journey for the artist as he had to follow his mind and heart to put soul in the Holy sculpture. He gleaned with each step and the project started to attract the attention of the Italian national journals such as La Repubblica, FinistresullaArte, Touring and many others. The art lovers began to discuss the project widely on the social networking platforms and consensus was formed for this project to be recognized as 21st Century Masterpiece. Soon, the artist had another challenge of replicating the shoe with the original 100 years old design that the Saint used to wear. The shoe of the Saint was in itself hand crafted with thread work on leather and it was not easy to replicate the design on the marble. Such challenges involved made the city administration of Pietrasanta to promulgate the project, PRAMASHWAR-The Infinite as the Pride of the city. The grand unveiling ceremony of the Holy Sculpture was organized by the city administration on 27th September, 2023 at Piazza Duomo, Pietrasanta on completion of the work. The event witnessed the attendance of art critics, journalists, artists, and art admirers from across the globe.

The Italian photographer, Riccardo Dalle Luche certified by Leica had compiled the story of the making of the Holy Sculpture spanning over 4 years with his stellar photography. All those photographs were ensembled in a book that grabbed the attention of art critics and admirers on the day of the unveiling ceremony. This photographic book has been on a permanent exhibit in city museums and archives of Tuscan town. PRAMASHWAR-The Infinite has already been shipped to India and the radiating aura of the Saint has engulfed the Holy Shrine in India.