Realisation of Holy Sculpture, PRAMASHWAR - THE INFINITE
PRAMASHWAR- The Infinite is primordial self, creator of all living beings and the reason of our existence. The faith in the divinity is the strength of spiritual mind. The making of such  Sculpture of faith was a big challenge for the artist  to capture the radiating energy that the emblem of faith beholds. Whilst Nicola Stagetti had been focusing to carve the detailing on the colossal sculpture, many art admirers have drawn an inspiration and felt  the positive vibrations all around. One such art enthusiast – Riccardo Dalle Luche, a photographer certified by Leica followed the making of the Holy Sculpture with his stellar photography at different shades of the day;  the fulgent patterns of the sunlight blazing through the clouds  to fall on the grace of the Saint.