GOD is one – The Infinite, immanent in all the beings and the Spiritual Transcendence which is Divine ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being and everything beyond in this Universe.

GOD is one such Supreme Soul – PARAMATMA (PARAM means supreme and ATMA means soul ) that has given birth to all the living entities. All living entities have Soul which has no form but immortal. All living beings are mortal but Soul sheds one physical body and goes into another living entity as the principle of PARAMATMA.

GOD appears embodied in human form as GURU or Spiritual Master to enlighten the community around. YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE SHRI NAND LAL JI, an epithet of the Divine is christened as PRAMASHVAR – The Infinite whose Divine bliss is seamless. The Holy Saint has changed the destiny of millions of the followers. The Indian Holy Saint elucidated so succinctly the meaning of GURU which is the portmanteau word – “GU” means Darkness and “RU” stands for Light. Only the Spiritual Master can enlighten the spiritual light on the bewildering path of darkness. The Holy Saint has changed the destiny of many of his followers and pardoned the sinners who had repentance in their heart to guide them through the spiritual path. The Holy Saint’s effulgence is eternal; HE is primordial self whose Divine energy is absolute that HIS followers revere Yogiraj Sarkar Godariwale  as “Waali-e-Do Jahaan” meaning  Master of Spiritual Transcendence.