Side Rendering
Proposed Design of The Holy Shrine in India
The YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE TRUST was created on 1st August, 2008 to spread HIS message of finding eternal love with the Divine and to feel the positive vibrations in the sanctuary of the Holy. His Supreme being abides in the realm of eternity. The Saint sermonized the followers to practice altruism and follow the path of selflessness. The trust is engaged in various philanthropical work for the society to spread the message of fraternal love, goodness and virtue that the Holy Saint exulted.
The Trust has been supervising the construction of Holy Shrine of the Saint spread out in wide expanse of 73 acres, in Hathras, India – 40 kms away from The TAJ MAHAL for the disciples to yearn for the perennial exuberance of spirituality, freed from melancholy and woes. The architecture of the Holy Shrine has been designed with sustainability, positivity and artistry in mind with the focus on use of natural resources. The holistic design of the Holy Shrine will soon be completed that will pique the admirers to exalt the verdure of piety and be engulfed in the positive vibrations experiencing the Divine esthesia.